About Our Den The Trainers

Kevin and Kerry Coombs are the team of Canine Training and Behavior Specialists behind Creekside Den. After over a decade of training professionally, they realized they were seeing a common problem- owners meant well in seeking training, but many found themselves still stressed, frustrated, and not progressing as quickly as they had hoped. With such busy lives, owners couldn’t dedicate the time and consistency needed to achieve stellar obedience and behavior, especially while they were still trying to learn the training skills themselves!

These people needed MORE professional help than a short weekly lesson could give them. To an extent, board and train at kennels offered an alternative, but owners understandably hated the idea of sending their dog off to live alone in a busy kennel for an extended period of time. They developed a vision- a better alternative to help owners live more harmoniously with their pets while helping dogs understand their owners and reach their full potential. They needed to eliminate the stress and constant struggles of owners trying to do it themselves without the time and the skill set, and also make the training experience happy and comfortable for the dog, with a focus on good manners in the home. Creekside Den was born, offering a solution for both the owners and dogs!

Combined 25 years of training experience

Kevin and Kerry have helped over a thousand dogs and their owners see real results and live happier and more harmonious lives. With their simple, straight forward instructions and techniques, they help dog owners see amazing results. With Creekside Den, your dog gets the comfort of home and you get the expertise of not one but two experienced trainers. We are a family owned and operated business and truly care about the progress and satisfaction of our clients! We even involve our own demo dogs and children in the training lesson to provide a real life experience with further distractions and training help.


At Creekside Den we value a balanced approach to dog training. We aim to make training enjoyable for the dog, trainer, and owner, and recognize every dog as an individual with their own needs, likes, struggles, and learning styles. Our primary focus is on developing a human/pet relationship built on trust and respect through clear communication to foster a positive learning experience that persists long after your dog leaves our care. We provide clarity and consistency throughout training to help your dog understand our “language”. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to only one method of training, nor do we confine ourselves to the use of only certain training rewards, tools, or techniques. We make training fun and fair, using everything to our advantage to achieve the best possible results.

We will evaluate the dog and the needs of the owner and implement an individualized training plan. Reevaluations and varying methods are applied as needed to ensure ongoing success. Creekside Den is strongly opposed to cruel or unnecessarily harsh training methods.