Puppy Training


A common question we get is, “When is the best time to start training our puppy?”, and the answer is always NOW! The moment your puppy comes into your home they are already learning, whether or not you are trying to teach them something. Depending upon the environment and supervision, your puppy will be developing good or bad habits.

At Creekside Den, your puppy is provided the best environment for positive learning from the start. However, if your puppy has already been home for a while, don’t fret! It’s never too late to get started and we can pinpoint the cause and remedy those problem behaviors that may already be developing.

Experts in Puppy Raising

In addition to having spent thousands of hours training clients’ pet puppies as well as our own, we developed and directed the puppy training program for one of the most renowned German Shepherd breeders in the world. We have raised and completed temperament testing, early imprinting, and basic through advanced training on hundreds of puppies.

Professional Puppy Training

Let us do the hard work for you. Your puppy will live with two professional trainers, children, and dogs IN A REAL HOME AND NOT IN A KENNEL for the duration of your chosen program so that we can set a positive foundation with consistency and reinforcement. We only accept ONE client puppy for training at a time, so your puppy gets PLENTY of attention and training time as our top priority.


Puppy Head Start:

(Age: Under 4 Months)

$1,785 ($85/night)

This 21 day introductory program focuses on positive imprinting and socialization.

Obedience Skills

  • Name association
  • Introduction to potty training in a family home environment
  • Clicker conditioning (learning how to learn!)
  • Recall Games to make “come” a fun exercise
  • Familiarization with a collar and leash
  • Early positive imprinting of obedience commands- Sit, Down, Bed/Stay
  • Crate Training
  • Walk on a loose lead and follow the handler
  • Learning marker words such as “Good” to reinforce and “No” to stop a behavior
  • “Free” – release word

Home Manners & Problem Prevention

  • Build Mutual Trust and Respect and establish clear and fair communication
  • Default to positive alternatives to problem behaviors (ie. come and sit in front, not jump)
  • Four on the floor during human interaction
  • Socialization: Regular exposure and outings to different and new situations to build confidence
  • Calm behavior for frequent grooming and handling
  • Object differentiation of approved dog toys vs. off limit human items
  • Encourage chasing, biting, and fetching of approved toys and chewing bones
  • Intro to stairs, slippery floors, young children, visitors/strangers, vehicles, variety of dogs

Puppy Advanced Learner:

(Age: Over 4 Months)

$1,785 ($85/night)

This 21 day introductory program focuses on positive imprinting and socialization.

Obedience Skills

  • Sit and Stay on command (
  • Bed and Stay on command (1 hours)
  • “Free” or “Puppy’s Name” to release from command
  • Name Recognition & Introduction to Recal
  • Heel: Walk on a loose lead beside handler without pulling
  • Introduction of distractions during learned exercises, proofing what the dog has already learned
  • Introduction of a training collar as a positive experience. Learning the proper response to collar pressure and light corrections which will carry over to adulthood.

Home Manners & Problem Prevention

  • Solidifying potty training
  • More freedom in the house – promoting CALM behavior inside, play time is for outside!
  • Wait for food
  • Wait to go through doors
  • STOP Mouthing, inappropriate biting, chewing, and jumping
  • Stay off furniture
  • Play and Fetch (Promoting Retrieving Instincts- success depends on puppy’s natural drive level)
  • Intro to “Out” (release) command

Extra Services:

  • Puppy or Dog Selection Help & Temperament Testing: Contact Us for Details
  • $75/night- Refresher Training & Home Boarding (Graduates Only)
  • Home away from home, and brush up on training skills whenever you need a place for them to stay.
  • $100/hr- Private Follow-Up Lessons (graduates only)
  • $2/mile- A trainer will drive to conduct a Follow-Up Lesson in your home (local clients only)
  • $500- Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service (both ways) to SEA or PDX
  • $500/day +Travel Expenses- Fly out a trainer for private Follow Up Lessons in your home (graduates only)


Creekside Den Home Training Advantages

In Home Training

Your pet will become part of our pack and learn how to properly behave in a real house with kids, toys, and daily activity- not in a warehouse type training building.

Relaxation & Cuddles

Your dog will get lots of free time in the house, where they will be pampered and cuddled just like home.

Experienced & Certified Trainers

Your dog will live in a home where both adults are certified trainers with 12 years of experience. The kids are also great little helpers who have grown up with dogs and training since they were born!

Natural Environment

Our DEN is located on 2 acres along Scatter Creek, which gives us and the dogs a stress free and peaceful atmosphere.

Aiport Pickup / Transport

We frequently have dogs flown to us for extended stay and training. We are close to Seattle Airport, and Portland International Airport- we can even help with flight details and bookings!

See What Others Are Saying

  • Max finally got his XXL raised bed. Munching on a bully stick and lazing around while Grandma cooks dinner. He's been doing great! Grandma is very pleased and we all are. Thank you very much. Max is doing very well. I have taken him on three long formal walks since we picked him up, and he does exactly what he is supposed to. I tell people he has been formally trained and they want to know where, so I tell them Creekside Den. You have made a believer out of me.
  • She did very good today. Re-introduced seamlessly. Thanks
    Joe D.
  • Hi Kerry,
     Thanks so much for checking in! Baci is doing great - We are practicing new tools - ie BED - throughout the day and she is getting much better at them.  We went to the park this weekend and Baci attempted to go up to little children and say hi! Clearly her time with your daughter made strides in getting Baci used to small humans :)
    Thanks again for everything!!
    Jacinda M.
  • I cannot thank Kevin enough for training our angels. They are completely different dogs and I would recommend him to anyone. Kevin worked with our dogs on their aggressive behavior and I feel much more confident handling and being in control of both of them. I am truly amazed at how much their behavior has changed and how quickly Kevin was able to do this in such a short amount of time. Thank you Kevin!!
    Hilde Cobb
  • Sophie learned so much and is doing great at home- thanks Kevin!
    Gloria Gonzales
  • Kevin – Great job with Daisy and Ivy! Saturday the carpet cleaning guys came -I put Daisy and Ivy in place on their Kuranda beds and they stayed! even with strange men in their home with funny tools and kind of scary noises! It was amazing. Then the pest control guy came and while they were in place he walked all around them. They didn’t move. It was so nice not to have to control two bouncing jumping puppies with the service men there. Thanks for all you did. You Rock!!!
    Cindy Pace Tripp
  • I have to say it is amazing what Kevin has done with Kane! Thank you Kevin!!!
  • Kevin – You have changed our lives. Bella is so much more confident and adjusted. She really does know her commands. She was so glad to see me when she got home. Pictures to follow via email. Again all our thanks to you with kisses from Bella. She will be back!  
    Eloise Jackson Howell
  • Wanted to thank Kevin Coombs for all the help with our dog, Ringer. After the 4 weeks in-house training he is so well behaved and polite, it is amazing. He really is a different dog. Looking forward to continuing his training. Thanks for all your hard work! “  
    Renee Kockx-Maghielse
  • Hey Kevin-Bentley is doing SO well. I took her to the vet yesterday and there was a dog there that was growling and charging at her and she just SAT there!!! YAY!!! We even get compliments on how well behaved she is when we are out on walks. Thank you so very much!!  
    Heather St. John
  • “Beautiful dog, and great work. I can tell you from personal experience that any dog who has worked with Kevin has basically been to dog college! I can highly recommend Kevin if you have a dog in need of training, and can recommend any dog who has received that training! He essentially helped save my dog’s life by training him for 4 weeks prior to my adopting him!”  
    David White